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Toyota Etios

The history of Toyota Etios subcompact model, developed specifically for the markets of developing countries, began in January 2010 (after the official debut on the automobile show in New Delhi), but its sales began a little later: the sedan reached the market at the end of 2010, the hatchback in June 2011, and in December 2013, they were joined by the "all-terrain version" with the prefix "Cross".

Toyota Etios Sedan
The three-dimensional model debuted in January 2010, after which it was updated several times. Subcompact car has in its assets a good-looking and good-quality interior, and is equipped with moderately powerful (for its status) motors.

Compact hatch Toyota Etios
5 doors car celebrated the debut in January 2010 in New Delhi, and entered mass production in the summer of 2011. This B-segment hatch has a pleasant external and internal design, is equipped with three engines and "flaunts" decent functionality.

All-road Toyota Etios Cross
"Cross-version" of the car in the five-door body was born in December 2013, and “reached” the market in the spring of 2014. Hatch demonstrates "all-terrain" paraphernalia in appearance, but otherwise it repeats the standard model. Choose the model and get information about Toyota Etios parts. Here collected data of car parts for up to last Toyota Etios 2019

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