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Toyota Heavy

After the release of the Toyota Land Cruiser Series 70, the design engineers were convinced that for the new model, everything had to start with a clean sheet of paper paper, because it had to enter the market, where the competition between automakers increased and the demand for automobiles were increased. nature

It was decided to launch the new Land Cruiser in two versions: "Heavy Duty" ("Increased Strength") - a sturdy car for heavy work for those who were interested in endurance and who could give up comfort; so "Light Duty" ("Light type") - a car for more comfortable travelling with friends and family over long distances.

For modifications Heavy Duty, in which, as before, it was possible to find out the model Land Cruiser, were characterized by a square steel body of a large size with a tilted windshield. There were five wheelbase configurations and a range of engines to choose from. Choose the model and get information about Toyota Heavy parts. Here collected data of car parts for up to last Toyota Heavy 2019

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